part two of the post below maybe? i think it’s the same thing written from a different pov whatever enjoy

Dave watched in horror as Karkat writhed on the ground. “Rose, Rose help! I think something’s wrong with him.” The seer of light came quickly, dragging a stunned Kanaya behind her. “Can you tell what’s wrong with him?” Rose inspected the knight of blood closely and stepped back shaking her head. “I…I’ve never seen anyone act like that before when ascending into godtier. And i’m not sure what’s wrong, so I don’t think I can fix it

yo this is for that crazy karkat comic i saw forever ago? anyways enjoy this little drabble

And suddenly the body stood. Alive. He was alive. The first thoughts sounded through the heads of the many, continuing until a similar came in them all. Something is wrong. Just as this thought crosses their minds, he began to laugh. The laughter was distorted and forced, unreal. Without thinking, nearly everyone around him took a step back. Head to toe he was covered in blood, and suddenly his clothes changed. His tattered shirt formed into a brown one with a slash design on it, almost mocking the way he had died. His pants changed also, into long brown ones. A cape began to form around him, bright red, trailing into the pooled blood of that very color that covered the ground. A second passed. Nobody moved. It was one second too late. And smiling a nice smile, eyes crimson red, he spoke a word. It was only seconds later that friends turned apon friends, and began slaughtering each other.

for kk here’s an old clip of davekat i’m posting on an account i don’t use with a great name

His boyfriend’s snickering was really starting to get on karkat’s nerves. It had been yesterday that karkat had decided to take dave up on one of the bets he made, and of course karkat ended up losing. The bet had been simple. If dave managed to get gamzee to come to him and karkat in under three minutes, then karkat would do whatever he said for a whole day. If the cool kid failed to do this, then he had to do whatever the troll told him to do for a whole day. Needless to say, after two messages were sent and thirty seconds later a clown was flipping them off, karkat was the one who had lost. So the next day when dave walked into his room holding a short lacy dress and thigh highs and told him to put it on, karkat had no choice. After that, dave had been quite merciful in his orders. All he had done was sit in karkat’s room watching him and laughing while the troll did various things on his computer. “Alright, well as entertaining as this has been karkat, I want you to close your laptop.” The troll glanced at him and snorted as he continued to type away. “Oh I’m sorry, did you not hear me karkat? Close. The laptop. Also, come sit in front of me. I’m incredibly lonely over here by myself.” Angrily, karkat snapped it shut and stood, walking over and sitting in front of dave. “Happy, douchebag?” The cool kid’s smirk made karkat regret the words instantly. “Very. Now. Close your eyes and don’t move.” The troll swallowed a retort and hesitantly did as he asked. Dave watched for a second before leaning in and pressing a soft kiss to his mouth. Karkat doesn’t move an inch. Dave pulled away and smirked at his boyfriend. “You can open your eyes again Karkit, I’m thinking up some orders for you right now.” The troll did so, rolling them afterward. “You know, I don’t think I like where this is going.” Dave grinned. “Well I sure do. How about, for a start you